About Us

Founded in 2013.

We are a Veteran owned technology and manufacturing company based out of Houston, Texas, USA.

Our founders have more than 75 years of combined experience in the Vibration Monitoring and Machine Reliability Industry.

We Dream Up, Design, and Mass Manufacture

Vibration Sensors

Proximity Probes

Proximitors/Probe Drivers

Reliability and Machine Health Software

Reliability Services

And Much Much More


We work diligently to get the job done. We aren’t finished until our customers’ trust us with their time and their most critical assets and are fully satisfied with our products, software and services.


We strive to communicate both what we can and cannot do so that customers have clear and realistic expectations of the things that we can achieve together.


We partner with and hire only the brightest and most creative minds from all around the world so that we can challenge status quo thinking, in doing so, achieve new heights.

Since 2013

Don Bently created what we know to be the vibration monitoring industry in the 1960’s when he wanted to create a scientific way to measure bearing wear down in industrial machines. He meticulously made it his duty to approach reliability professionals in plants till he found a way to measure and predict when machines would inevitably fail. Our industry was founded on solving a long tenured problem that had been present since the dawn of the industrial revolution: “How can we predict when this asset will fail?”

Our founder, Quentin Bach, had been involved with the Vibration World since he graduated from Texas A&M in 1983. Quentin was always looking for new creative ways to solve customers’ problems. It was with this in mind when he looked at an industry dominated by Don Bently’s company that turned away from hardware innovation. He saw an industry once invigorated with creativity now turned overpriced and instead saying: “Well. We have always done it this way.”

Now after years of proven results and extreme customer satisfaction, we have been one of the fastest growing vibration companies in the world. Our transparent goal setting and extreme focus on customer service has brought us hundreds of customers and thousands of shipped products that spans the globe.

How Far We've Come

Our First Video (Circa 2014)
Our Partners + Global Reach