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Many individuals think that if they can’t afford proximity probes for their oil-lubricated bearings they are saving money by using case-mounted accelerometers because they are “better than nothing” unfortunately that just NOT the case. Large machines (700+ horsepower) typically employ oil-lubricated sleeve bearings. These sleeve bearings have larger distance tolerances between the shaft and the […]
Our TriVibe Sensors, Proximity Probes, and AirVibe Wireless Sensors were introduced on the industrial product comparison website “Metoree”. https://us.metoree.com/ Company Profile: https://us.metoree.com/companies/163894/ We are on the following pages: Accelerometers: https://us.metoree.com/categories/3180/ Vibration Sensors: https://us.metoree.com/categories/2051/ Proximity Probes: https://us.metoree.com/categories/100037/
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