The remote monitoring and software component to the Machine Saver solution that brings automated vibration information to your fingertips anywhere in the world.

MachineGate Features:

  • Rugged Design
  • Fast Cortex processor
  • WRTU Programming environment
  • Built-in data logger
  • MODBUS protocol support
  • Web portal periodic data push support
  • SMS, Email and Alarms
  • SkyWire LTE Modem
  • Dual antennas for all LTE frequencies
  • 3G HSPA+ fallback
  • FCC Approved radio
  • Dual RS485 ( One Master and one Slave )
  • RS232 serial port on DB9
  • Second RS232 on pin header
  • RJ45 connector for handheld terminals
  • SDI-12 master for sensor networks
  • Two high current outputs for driving relays and other loads
  • Status LEDs: Red, Yellow, Green
  • Real-Time Clock with super-capacitor backup
  • Current limited, regulated 12VDC for sensors
  • Operating Voltage: 9 to 30VDC or 24VAC
  • 90 to 240VAC optional
  • Low power: Less than 1 Watt power consumption
  • Protected against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Temperature Range: -30° to 70°Celsius
  • Weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure
  • 140 mm × 105 mm × 65 mm
  • Mounting tabs

Ordering Information:

  • MG1 : For DC or low voltage AC operation
  • MG1-AC : For 90-240VAC operation

Target Applications:

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas
  • Irrigation
  • Generator Set Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Utility Meter Remote Monitoring
  • Factory Automation
  • Sensor Networks
  • Asset Tracking

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More details and Technical Manual are available for download at Machine Saver • Phone: 1-832-581-9908 • E-mail: • Web:

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The new MachineGate LTE gateway is a low-cost yet highly capable and rugged cellular gateway for vibration monitoring and many other industrial remote monitoring and control applications.

MachineGate is certified on all major North American cellular operators.

MachineGate is fully backed by a 3-year warranty, technical support and application assistance from Machine Saver, Inc.

Web Portal Software for Vibration and Machine Analysis:

Gives Machine Saver users access to the sensors’ dynamic data such as spectrum, time waveform as well as trending and alarms. Machine Saver’s Vibration Monitoring Web Portal also gives the Machine Saver user a dashboard with which to see all the machines general condition at a glance. Drill down from the dashboard and see trends, alarms and dynamic data for each machine. The Web Portal software is a useful tool to analyze the dynamic vibration data and provide some insight to dictate actionable direction on what might be causing the machine’s increased levels of vibration such as misalignment or out of balance conditions.




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