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What is it?

 TwinProx is a dual input proximity probe transmitter used on larger rotating or reciprocating machines (>1000HP) with fluid film journal bearings.

It is capable of 50,000+ samples per second, which makes it an excellent addition to gather machine condition data for analytical vibration software and Machine Learning AI Applications. This is used by IIOT companies around the world to gather data for their respective software solutions.  The TwinProx may be used to measure displacement vibration, axial thrust position of the shaft, machine speed or measure phase reference position (360° rotational position).

How does it work?

TwinProx employs a serial Modbus RS485 digital communications protocol output and acts as a slave device for a master controller. It polls machine condition data near real time and is capable of delivering both bytes of overall static vibration data as well as raw vibration data. This is used to create extremely high resolution spectrum/time waveform and orbit graphs for analysts to diagnose machine health and detect anomalies. All TwinProx mounted on a machine capture the dynamic machine data simultaneously for analysis or machine protection purposes.

Which problem does it solve?

From the highly detailed data that TwinProx outputs, this transmitter is capable of detecting bearing and machine process failures months before they become catastrophic damage to your machine. Early detection of machine issues allows the maintenance personnel to make corrections to keep machine up and running and lasting longer between maintenance intervals.

Due to its channel pairing, high sample rate and resolution, TwinProx is excellent for use with machine learning algorithms and edge device and software to automatically diagnose impending machine failures and anomalies. With this detailed high quality data, the ML/AI software can learn faster and more accurately.

Before TwinProx it was often not financially feasible to include proximity probes solutions on larger preferred or essential machines with fluid film bearings . Vibration analyst would go from machine to machine monthly to analyze machines using hand held case mounted accelerometers which is costly, not timely, sometime dangerous and produces inferior results for large journal bearing machines.

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